Angelina Zhu

Angelina is attending the 1st Grade at the Denver Chinese School. In addition to her efforts at school, Angelina enjoys painting and drawing, where her inspired imagination and meticulous observation make a great balance. She also finds much pleasure in pop music that ranges from Justin Bieber, Korean Hall yu, to the Voice of China. Angelina is particularly enthusiastic about learning Chinese. Not only does she strive to speak Mandarin (and Mandarin only) with family at home, but she is also excited to help those around her learn the language. Angelina was once on a cruise ship and made friends with children from all over the world. At the end of the trip, her new friends from Mexico, Russia, and Canada were all able to say “hello” and “good bye” in Mandarin. It is one of Angelina’s biggest wishes that she can learn to write more Chinese characters, to read more books in Chinese, and to immerse herself deeper in the Chinese traditional culture.

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