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Children/Family Martial Art Class

Class Goal and Purpose

  • To expose students to traditional Chinese Gong Fu and Tai Ji.
  • To improve coordination and brain function.
  • To promote student’s physical development and personal fitness, strength,

flexibility, and agility.

  • To increase student’s interest in participating in team activities, socialization, and

advance physical education.

  • To increase student’s awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • To establish student’s foundation in self-defense skills.

Class Activities and Assignments

  • Group games with high intensity physical activity
  • Fundamental training for Traditional Chinese Gong Fu
  • Tai Ji and Gong Fu forms

Requirement of Participation

  • Mental health and physical capability are both required.
  • Minimum age is 5.
  • Student must wear athletic clothes such as sweatpants, or leggings, and a T

shirt, and Gong Fu shoes in class, and later prepare Gong Fu or Tai Ji uniform for

future performance.

  • Long hair must be worn in a ponytail or bun.
  • A full water bottle is a must in class.

Special Arrangement

  • Encouragement of student’s parents to participate in the class, thus assist student to practice on a daily basis.
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