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Throughout session three of the DCS Summer Math Camp, I was able to introduce
students to some of my favorite topics in mathematics, including the binary number
system, graph theory, and probability. All of these are high level topics that many high
schoolers don’t come into contact with, but our upper elementary and raising middle
school students were able to grasp them well through creative demonstrations, games,
and well-worded explanations. In order to ensure that they got the most out of each
lesson, I also created in depth review and homework material for each day.

The entire experience was incredibly rewarding for me, as I was able to share my
passion for math. Teaching allowed me to pay closer attention to the ideas and the
students always had insightful comments that caused me to think as well. Additionally,
this gave me a chance to be more in touch with students who are not yet in middle
school and gain a better understanding of how they think and what motivates them. 

During the week, advice, feedback, and positive responses from the students, parents
and teacher assistants helped me improve day after day. I’m glad that I was able to
create a classroom that students were reluctant to leave, and I look forward to seeing
them further advance in math, whether it be in competitions or otherwise!