Exploring Dinosaur Fossil of China by Mr. Wang, Haijun, Senior Engineer

//Exploring Dinosaur Fossil of China by Mr. Wang, Haijun, Senior Engineer
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TA Senior Student Discovery Class

Sep 17 th ,2017 2:30 PM

Why did an unprecedented dinosaur fossil appear in a seemingly calm valley? Why were so many dinosaur bones stacked together? Why were those dinosaur footprints on the river bottom are all facing east instead of west? Why did they suddenly die, but the same period of animals can survive so long? The ratio of dinosaur bones that form fossils is one in ten million. In China Zhucheng area, there are so many Cretaceous dinosaur fossils that remained and clustered together. Can we imagine how they all died at the same time on such a large scale?

Seven years ago the world’s largest feathered Tyrannosaurus was found in China's northwest Liaoning province — — Yutyrannus Huali. It was 9 meters long and weighed 1.4 tons. The world's largest feather Tyrannosaurus fossil was restored by Mr. Wang Haijun and his colleagues, and displayed in Japan and New York Museum in 2010 and 2016.

Mr. Wang engaged in dinosaur exploring and researching work for nearly 30 years. At Xinjiang, Mongolia, Ningxia, Liaoning, Shandong provinces, he and his coworkers collected many dinosaur fossils and footprints, and restored them. Shandong province, Zhucheng dinosaur park is the world's largest dinosaur fossils and footprints exposure place. The scientists found their “town treasure”, the duckbill dinosaur. There are some new species have been found in Zhucheng. This dinosaur discovery area is four times bigger than the Utah national dinosaur park, and less than half has been mined.

This coming Sunday afternoon, we have the honor to have Senior engineer Mr. Wang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology to present to us the knowledge of dinosaurs, and the mystery of extinction of the ancient animals. If you want to know more about how archaeologists work on dinosaur fossils and the whole process of discovering and restoring dinosaur bones, then bring you and your friends, come to Denver Chinese School at Rock Canyon High School, on Sunday,

Sep 17,2:30PM, Room #: 5550, to hear the stories of Mr. Wang!