Please join us for a celebration and potluck party for Chunfeng Ma.

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Chunfeng Ma, a college instructor and philanthropist from North China University of Technology, has biked around the world solitarily since 2012 in 19 countries.

Chunfeng’s remarkable experience has given him a unique perception of humanity and he has become very passionate about public welfare. His extraordinary efforts and actions have also aroused a huge sensation in the media. One of his articles received 3,000,000 clicks in the past months. This summer Chunfeng biked in 10 states in the United States. In Los Anglos, California, he received a warm welcome and in San Gabriel, an award from Mayor Chin-ho Liao. Chunfeng has also become the ambassador of Golden Statuette International Film Festival.

Chunfeng arrived at Denver on September 5th, and will stay until September 9th morning when he would fly to China to start his new semester of teaching.

Chunfeng’s efforts and endeavor are a great inspiration to all. Denver Chinese School has decided to host a special event to listen to Chunfeng’s stories, to honor his exceptional accomplishment, and to encourage our students to persist in their passion.

Please join usfor a celebration and potluck party. Address: 

9200 Grafton drive, Lone Tree, 80124