Go Class

Here are the four greatest arts in Chinese culture: Qin, Qi, Shu, Hua, they have great history and inherit the traditional cultures. Qi, as one of the greatest arts, is Go.

Go was invented in the ancient China around 6 BCE, it is a game of strategic confrontation which involves two players. The game board is designed as black and white grids and the chess are black and white. The game is like a compulsory course for entry of knowledge establishment in the ancient society.

To a maximum extent, Go has demonstrated its significance for representing the Chinese traditional culture and thinking; it is the quintessence of Chinese culture, and also considered as one of the most complex games in the world.

The art of Go is diverse, it has the most everlasting spirit. As an art, Go could be used as a way for inspiration for minds of children maximally. In the confrontation of the games, there are logical thinking, creativity involved and so forth. Last but not least, the learning of Go could help memorization and calculation.

Go is also an essential tool for us to understand the rule of the universe, the rule of biodiversity and balance between nature. We hope students will gain a better sense of knowing the world and life in the middle of learning Go.

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