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Highlands Ranch Campus offers rigorous coursework and a broad spectrum of enrichment classes. Dedicated teachers and staff members build a supportive learning environment that energizes students’ learning spirit and propel their progress.

We are privileged to have the guidance from the a group of seasoned teachers.

Chinese Classes

With “Direct Character Recognition” approach, the Ma Liping curriculum is specially designed for children who already understand the spoken Chinese and wish to learn it as a heritage language. The curriculum focuses on listening, speaking, and reading, with writing as a secondary priority. The curriculum emphasizes on repetition of new characters in a series of lessons to reinforcement learning.

Xiaoyan Li

Board Member of DCS, Staff Member of HR, Ma Liping K Teacher

Ruirui Dong

Staff Member of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Ma Liping 1st Grade Teacher

Online Material:https://sites.google.com/a/denverchineseschool.org/dcs-hr-mlp-1st/

Yan Hua

Ma Liping 2nd grade Teacher

Link to google class: https://sites.google.com/a/denverchineseschool.org/dcs-hr-mlp-2nd/

Xueyan Peng

Ma Liping 3rd Grade Teacher


Ping Deng

Ma Liping 4th Grade Teacher


Sunny Song

Ma Liping 5th Grade Teacher

Hui Wang

Board Member of DCS, Staff Member of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Ma Liping 6th Grade Teacher, Robotics Teacher


Lu Xing

Ma Liping 7th Grade Teacher

Changqing Zhang

Staff Member of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Ma Liping 8th Grade Teacher

Huiru Yang

Ma Liping 9/10th Grade Teacher

Zhilan Chen

Assistant Principal of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Ma Liping AP Chinese Teacher

PinYin Class

As we all know, Pinyin is the official romanization system for the standard Chinese. Learning Pinyin is crucial for further Chinese learning. Our goal for this class is that at the end of each session, students are able to use Pinyin to spell out Chinese characters and sentences and pronounce any characters and sentences if given Pinyin spellings. We met our goal every session for the past years!

Teacher Changqing Zhang has been teaching Pinyin class for many years. Her teaching style is so effective and fun at the same time. Our students and parents just love her!

Adult Chinese Class

The Adult Chinese Class targets adults and teenagers who do not have Chinese language background, and focuses on pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns, practical vocabula

ry, and aural-oral exercises in speaking and understanding Mandarin Chinese or Pu Tong Hua. At the end of the school year, you could expect to carry out simple daily conversations in Mandarin Chinese. The textbook to follow is Experiencing Chinese – Living in China.

Teacher: Jiao Chen

Pre K Class

Welcome our littlest Chinese learners! This class weaves fun activities into Chinese learning, aiming to provide a positive and joyful environment to introduce our toddlers into the grace and sophistication of the Chinese language and culture.

This class is taught by Ms. Ying Ji.

2018 HR Calendar

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Enrichment Classes

Adult Dance Class

StepIntoMelody Dance Studio is a group of talented adult dancers led by Instructor Ms. Rachel Ding. Rachel has attended professional dance training in the Youth Program at People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art during her pre-teen and teenage years. StepIntoMelody specializes in blending Chinese Ethnic and Folk dance and classical Chinese dance with modern elements. They have showcased many extremely successful dance pieces at the Chinese New Year Celebration and other major community events over the past years. StepIntoMelody is one of the most popular Chinese dance groups in Denver Metro area.

Children/Family Martial Art Class

Class Goal and Purpose

  • To expose students to traditional Chinese Gong Fu and Tai Ji.
  • To improve coordination and brain function.
  • To promote student’s physical development and personal fitness, strength,

flexibility, and agility.

  • To increase student’s interest in participating in team activities, socialization, and

advance physical education.

  • To increase student’s awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • To establish student’s foundation in self-defense skills.

Class Activities and Assignments

  • Group games with high intensity physical activity
  • Fundamental training for Traditional Chinese Gong Fu
  • Tai Ji and Gong Fu forms

Requirement of Participation

  • Mental health and physical capability are both required.
  • Minimum age is 5.
  • Student must wear athletic clothes such as sweatpants, or leggings, and a T

shirt, and Gong Fu shoes in class, and later prepare Gong Fu or Tai Ji uniform for

future performance.

  • Long hair must be worn in a ponytail or bun.
  • A full water bottle is a must in class.

Special Arrangement

  • Encouragement of student’s parents to participate in the class, thus assist student to practice on a daily basis.

Children’s Dance Class

Teresa Yeh has been a Chinese dancer and performer for 20 years, practicing under Christina Yeh Dance Studio. She has taught dance to children for 10 years; this will mark her 5th year teaching at Denver Chinese School, Highlands Ranch. Combining lively music, fun props, and cheerful choreography, Teresa teaches traditional dances reflective of a variety of Chinese provinces.

Adult Martial Art Class

Since 2001 Teacher Xianhua Kong taught the Martial Arts class in the Chinese school. It’s a distinct course in Denver that combines martial arts, dancing, Mulan Quan and Tai Chi.

Mulan Quan is suitable for all ages and based on scientific physical training, integrating powerful martial arts, beautiful dancing, and lithe gymnastics, which is stretched, beautiful and graceful. Mulan Quan helps to build up our body, lose weight naturally, keep young, and to prevent and treat diseases as well.

Go Class

Here are the four greatest arts in Chinese culture: Qin, Qi, Shu, Hua, they have great history and inherit the traditional cultures. Qi, as one of the greatest arts, is Go.

Go was invented in the ancient China around 6 BCE, it is a game of strategic confrontation which involves two players. The game board is designed as black and white grids and the chess are black and white. The game is like a compulsory course for entry of knowledge establishment in the ancient society.

To a maximum extent, Go has demonstrated its significance for representing the Chinese traditional culture and thinking; it is the quintessence of Chinese culture, and also considered as one of the most complex games in the world.

The art of Go is diverse, it has the most everlasting spirit. As an art, Go could be used as a way for inspiration for minds of children maximally. In the confrontation of the games, there are logical thinking, creativity involved and so forth. Last but not least, the learning of Go could help memorization and calculation.

Go is also an essential tool for us to understand the rule of the universe, the rule of biodiversity and balance between nature. We hope students will gain a better sense of knowing the world and life in the middle of learning Go.

Robotics Class

Instructor: Hui Wang

Robotics Beginner Level-1 is designed and created for children age 5 to 7 to learn robotics in a fun and non-intimidating environment! Each Robotics kit contains various types of basic building blocks and special functional blocks such as CPU, contact sensors, IR sensor, buzzer, LED lights, etc. Programming of the robots is accomplished with a card-reader system called “Funny Cards.”  Each child will build 12-15 robots throughout the semester and complete a variety of robotics related challenges. At the end of the semester, each student will present his or her robots in an open forum. This club will be taught in a mini-PBL (Problem Based Learning) style. The instructor will not only teach students technical skills of building a robot but also inspire their creativity, guide them to think critically, and foster a safe atmosphere for students to learn effective communication and collaboration skills.

Robotics and Programming

Robotics and Programming Level-1 is designed for children ages 9 and up to learn and develop skills and knowledge in robotics. Each Robotics kit contains CPU, DC Motors, Sensors and many more to have students build their own robots with bolts and nuts. Programming of the robot is done with a drag and drop program in GUI environment for easy understanding and enjoyment. Each student will build 10-12 robots throughout the semester and complete a variety of robotics related challenges. At the end of the semester, students will present his or her work in groups in an open forum. This class will be taught in a mini-PBL (Problem Based Learning) style. The instructor will not only teach students technical skills of programming and building a robot but also inspire their creativity, guide them to think critically, and foster a safe atmosphere for students to learn effective communication and collaboration skills.

Teacher: Hui Wang

Children’s Public Speaking class

Children’s Public Speaking class 

This class is brought in by Youth Public Speaking. Please click HERE  for more information.


Xiuping Wang, Diana Thompson, Greg Picone

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