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Teaching Assistant Program

We are excited to announce that HR campus has more than 10 student teaching assistants actively working in our classrooms, helping out with different tasks and acting as a guide and role model for the younger students.

To show our appreciation and to better meet our inspiring volunteers’ needs, parents and teachers, under the leadership of our Vice Principal Yiping Yan and our Director of Academic Programs Ruirui Dong, have lined up a series of speakers and topics on career orientation, topics including dinosaurs, medicine, government, management, IT, sports, leadership, etc., from experts in these fields, including our beloved Olympic champion Junxia Wang.

If you have a topic or a speaker in mind to contribute to this program, please contact the following –

Yiping Yan – yan.yiping@denverchineseschool.org
Ruirui Dong – dong.ruirui@denverchineseschool.org
Xiuping Wang – wang.xiuping@denverchineseschool.org

Special Talks

Teaching Assistant Members

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