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Denver Chinese school at Highlands Ranch shares the same beautiful campus with Rock Canyon High school with easy access to I-470 and I-25. This site enjoys advanced technological support in the classroom, takes great pride in the devoted and skilled teachers, offers the most comprehensive Chinese courses, and is the best attended campus. She not only serves as the center for children to learn the Chinese language and culture, she also acts as a communication and cooperation platform for Chinese Americans.

The high school level Chinese classes at the Highlands Ranch campus have been highly recognized by the Douglas County District. Any high school students who are taking high-school level Chinese classes at the Highlands Ranch campus have the option of transferring the class credits to any Douglas County high schools for Chinese class credits.
To apply for Douglas County School District credits, please refer to the procedure (a link to the procedure PDF) and download the application form (a link to the application form PDF)
Our language teachers are very committed and experienced educators with professional training in language teaching from different training programs annually. Many of them are U.S. certified teachers who are currently teaching in public schools. They believe in positive pushing, aiming to most effectively and efficiently convey knowledge while enticing students’ curiosity and enthusiasm about the Chinese language and Chinese culture.

The Highlands Ranch campus makes notable efforts to provide enrichment and leadership opportunities for our children.

Student work displays, talent shows, and Chinese cultural events are just a few out of many to encourage students to explore more of the Chinese opulent language and culture, and to exercise their leadership and teamwork skills.

Community involvement is another important way of exerting influence and impact. Highlands Ranch campus student council organizes student volunteers to serve the community on a regular basis. They have made a tenacious effort to support Denver Rescue Mission, preparing and distributing food for the homeless.

Our children earn volunteer credits while helping the community.

Every school year-end party is an exciting moment the children long for. Community leaders are also drawn to the celebration, offering services and opportunities to benefit our school and children.

Experts in different education related fields are invited to Highlands Ranch campus, offering advice, augmenting our children’s chances grow to their greatest potential in this competitive world.

Olympic long-distance running champion Junxia Wang and her son Yibo Zhan volunteer to coach and lead parents and students to run and jog after school. It’s a phenomenal sight, and what’s even more impressive is that with Junxia and Yibo’s leadership and motivation, everyone is able to follow through and make consistent individual progresses. Running/jogging has become a culture at the Highlands Ranch campus, and in that culture, being cultivated is inspiration, support, and friendship. Sportsmanship and friendship also form in the spacious basketball fields and badminton fields in the school gym. Parents exercise with friends and families while the children are in the good hands of our fabulous teachers.

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