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Chinese Class Teachers

Danlu Wang

AP Chinese Teacher

xiaoyan zhu

Ma Liping 7th grade Teacher

Rachel Lu

Ma Liping 4th Grade Teacher

Jiao Chen

Jiao Chen Chinese class Teacher

Huiru Yang

Ma Liping 9/10th Grade Teacher

Ruirui Dong

Staff Member of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Ma Liping 1st Grade Teacher

Jiao Chen

Adult Chinese Teacher

Yan Hua

Ma Liping 2nd grade Teacher

Ying Ji

Staff Member of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Pre-K Chinese Teacher

Sunny Song

Ma Liping 5th Grade Teacher

Xueyan Peng

Ma Liping 3rd Grade Teacher

Lizhu Zhu

Chief Chinese Teacher Advisor

Enrichment Class Teachers

Mathew Cottingham

5th Degree Black belt Master Myong Su (Mathew Cottingham) was born in South Korea and started his martial arts training from age of 4. At the age of 10 he moved to America and continued his training. While training, he won numerous championships in sparring and forms. Master Matt also [...]

Kirk McCrimmon

7 Habits for Most Effective People

Robert Bowen

public speaking class teacher

Teresa Yeh

Children's Dance Teacher

Xianhua Kong

Adult Martial Arts Teacher

Rui Ding

Board Member of DCS, Staff Member of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Adult Dance Class Teacher

Xiuping Wang

Principal of DCS at Highlands Ranch, Public Speaking Teacher