The Mystery and Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Medicine by Ke Zang

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The Mystery and Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Medicine by Ke Zang

On 10/22/2017, Denver Chinese School HR campus was honored to have Dr. Ke Zang, whose family has practiced Chinese medicine for generations, to explain to us the correlation between ancient Chinese Medicine and modern life. Dr. Zang owns and operates the Acupuncture & Chiropractice Integrative Clinic.

Dr. Zang regards Chinese Medicine as a philosophy rather than a science. In Dr. Zang’s view, Chinese medicine is an ancient Chinese interpretation of medicine integrated with Chinese culture and philosophy. Science on the other hand, is a systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.Chinese medicine asserts that one’s life should follow a regular routine. The human body, fundamentally, contains a balance of Yin and Yang. Yin represents peace, coolness, and mildness while Yang represents activeness, warmth, movements, and heat.

Dr. Zang explained why our daily life should follow a certain routine, and why we should rise and retire early. The human body leans toward Yin at sunset and Yang at sunrise. If you stay up late and rise late, you are not resting when Yin is dominant and not active when Yang is dominant. This could lead to endocrine disorders which in turn can cause illness and discomfort.One should adjust sleeping pattern in different seasons as well. During winter time, Yin is dominant, and therefore people should sleep more to store energy. During summer time, Yang is dominant, and therefore people should sleep less.Chinese people prefer warm water to ice water as warm water helps blood flow, while cold water causes blood thickness and triggers digestive disorders and other health issues.

Dr. Zang’s presentation helped us understand the interconnections between culture and medicine and enlightened us on Chinese wisdom and culture.

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