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Lingdi Zhang

I am Lingdi Zhang, from Hebei Province of China. My undergraduate is a major in biological education at Hebei Normal University, where I received training and internships to become a professional teacher. Later, I completed my Ph.D. at the State Key Laboratory of the College of Biology, in China Agricultural University of Beijing. Currently I have been working at the University of Denver, and my research focuses on small molecule drug development and macromolecular protein structure and function, to find a cure for breast cancer.


My child has been studying at Denver Chinese School for five years and I have witnessed the development and growth of Chinese schools. The learning environment for kids is getting better and better, and the teaching and training of teachers are strengthened. I joined the Chinese school service team as staff in 2018. I am responsible for the classroom allocation for Chinese classes at the Highlands Ranch campus. I serve as a bridge between the Chinese school and the Rocky Canyon High School. I also take charge of the entire campus email and make the school announcement to parents and students about various events. I will do my best to work hard for our Chinese school.

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