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Ma Liping Classes

With “Direct Character Recognition” approach, the Ma Liping curriculum is specially designed for children who already understand the spoken Chinese and wish to learn it as a heritage language. The curriculum focuses on listening, speaking, and reading, with writing as a secondary priority. The curriculum emphasizes on repetition of new characters in a series of lessons to reinforcement learning.

Ma Liping Kindergarten by teacher Xiaoyan Li
Ma Liping 1st Grade by teacher Ruirui Dong
Online Material:

Ma Liping 2nd Grade by Yan Hua
Link to google class:

Ma Liping 3rd Grade by Xueyan Peng

Ma Liping 4th Grade by Ping Deng

Ma Liping 5th Grade by Hui Song

Ma Liping 6th Grade  by Hui Wang

Ma Liping 7th Grade by Lu Xing

Ma Liping 8th Grade by Changqing Zhang

Ma Liping 9th Grade by Huiru Yang

AP Chinese by Zhilan Chen

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