Rachel Lu

Hello to everyone!
My name is Rachel Lu, now teaching 4 th grade Chinese in Denver
Chinese School. With the new year of 2018 begins, I feel so honored to
join our 4 th grade and become the language guider for so many lovely
kids.I am so happy to meet all of the staff and parents here, life is really
wonderful with all of you in this amazing job.
Graduated from a Teaching School in China, I worked as an English
teacher which brought me various teaching experiences with different
students. I enjoyed learning and making progress with my students, that’s
why I am continuing on this path. I love Chinese traditional culture, enjoy
calligraphy, poems from Tang and Song dynasty and The Four Books and
Five Classics. Meanwhile, I also engage myself in the symphony,
romantic poems and all kinds of Shakespeare plays. Combining Chinese
and western culture and promoting Chinese traditional arts is an extra
bonus for my teaching career, and I would really like to share more with
our students!
Landed at Denver Chinese School, I really appreciate all the support I
got from my teaching partners, principle and especially from our parents.
Thank you for your trust! I am confident and passionate that we 4 th grade
will make great progress this year!

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