Series #11 -Nothing Can Limit Your Potential But You

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Series #11 -Nothing Can Limit Your Potential But You

Robert Bowen – former Colorado House of Representatives (served three terms from 1982) gave speeches on Dec. 10  2017 to our student. He shared his deep thinking and many of his life experience including the proud accomplishment of passing the legislation that resulted in Denver’s Light Rail system.

Robert Bowen is a 4th generation Colorado Native. His Great Grandfather came to Colorado shortly after the Civil War. His family lived in a poor neighborhood where the Auraria Higher Education Center is today.  His family owned a corner grocery store, and from first grade on, he had chores in that store. He graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in its 2nd class. His degree was History and Political Science. Both of these subjects are his love and passion to this day. After a few years in political jobs, Robert decided to become an entrepreneur.  Over his career, he either owned or ran businesses.

Robert is also a published author. His first book, The Vision, The Struggle, How MSU Denver Began, is a history of the struggle to create a college to educate all persons regardless of their GPA, their ethnic background, or the size of their parents’ bank account.

The seminar was very well received and students learned a great deal from Robert’s insightful talk.


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