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2014 CNYC – A Perfect Circle with a Much Higher End

Posted February 5, 2014 By Denver Chinese School

2014 CNYC – A Perfect Circle with a Much Higher End –  George Hua

Dear DCS Families:

What a fantastic show the 2014 CNYC was! We have received overwhelming compliments from the audiences. They were extremely pleased with practically every aspect of the show including its high pace, overall flow, stage decoration, MC, and the outstanding performance by each one of the artists. It had the best coverage ever by many mainstream media outlets, including the Denver Post, Colorado Public Radio, 7 News, Westword, 5280 Magazine, and 303 Magazine!

Congratulations to us all for another year of great success! Again, we made many new and higher marks: the largest number professional artists, the best ticket sales activities and highest amount of proceeds, the best fund raising outcomes, the highest ranking and largest delegation from Chicago, and of course, the best organized hosting process.

No pain, no gain! The great success came from the tremendous work effort by hundreds of volunteers. We thank them for their dedication and love to our kids. An event like this requires months of preparation by several teams respectively working on marketing, program, logistics, event day and etc. We give our special thanks to all the team leaders for their excellent leadership and for being the hardest working members of the hosting committee. Some of our leaders have put in months of hard work, many sleepless nights, endless phone calls, emails, and hundreds of mileages…

The great efforts and the exceptional outcomes of the 2014 CNYC have completed a PERFECT CIRCLE for a twelve-year cycle of the DCS CNYC!

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Chinese New Year Celebration 2014 (Year of the Horse)

Posted February 1, 2014 By Denver Chinese School

Chinese New Year Celebration 2014 (Year of the Horse) Tickets (Sold out)!

2014 Annual Colorado Chinese New Year Celebration: The Year of the Horse – Broncos, Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014 at Paramount Theatre

| 12:30pm to 4:00pm – Cultural Fair, Food Booths & Children’s Games| 2:00pm to 4:00pm – Celebration Show |

Take a Journey to the Far East right here in Denver and experience the most exciting Chinese cultural event, the Chinese New Year CelebrationEnjoy first-class on-stage shows by a team of 18 professional performing artists from The “Happy Chinese New Year” Troupe sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture together with local talent performing acrobats, magic, face-changing, folk and opera songs, lion dance, Kung Fu, dances and more. Savor a variety of specially made authentic Chinese food. Experience folk artworks and crafts, calligraphy, traditional costumes, and more.

Artist Introduction 

Chinese New Year Celebration 2014

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