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Denver Chinese School Lacrosse Team    Denver Chinese School Lacrosse Team    Denver Chinese School Lacrosse Team

中国大陆首次参加在本次在丹佛举办的世界长曲棍球锦标赛! 共有38个国家参加了本次锦标赛, 规模达到历史之最.
丹城中文学校代表参加组织了欢迎仪式, 并祝贺中国长曲棍球运动这一次历史性的突破! 照片是中国长曲棍球部分队员教练和我校花文华理事等工作人员合影.

For the first time, China Lacrosse Team made their debut in 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship, hosted in Denver. A record 38 nations are participating in this year’s championship games.
Denver Chinese School participated and hosted the welcome banquet for Chinese Lacrosse Team, and congratulated them for being part of this history-made event. The photos are members of Chinese Lacrosse Team / Coaches with Denver Chinese School board member (Wenhua Hua) and other staff.



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