Ethan Liu

Hello everyone, my name is Ethan Liu. I’m 6 year old, and currently a student at Cherry Creek Academy (CCA). I have many hobbies. I especially love reading, and in addition, I also love golfing, horse-back riding, tennis, TaeKwonDo, and of course, I love my drum. I started learning Chinese this year and found myself loving it more and more. I made many friends in Chinese School. My teacher Mrs. Li is always caring and encouraging. She made learning Chinese so much fun. She plays games and sings songs with us. Her smile always inspires us. I’m very excited that not only can I understand better, but I could also start speaking Chinese to my grandma and sing songs to her. I teach my CCA teachers and friends Chinese words. They are very proud of me that I can speak Chinese. Thank you to my teacher Mrs. Li, and I will continue the journey of mastering Chinese with all my friends at Denver Chinese School.

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