Grace Liu

Hi! My name in Grace Liu. I am twelve years old and I am currently in eighth grade at Creighton Middle School. I was originally born in China in Shandong, Jinan, but within a year I moved to America with my entire family. Outside of school and learning Chinese, I play the piano, participate in club volleyball, and I also enjoy self-learning how to draw and make unique art. From the beginning of my journey of learning Chinese to today, I have been studying it for nearly six years now. I used to learn Chinese at Lakewood Chinese School, but just recently last year I transitioned to Highlands Ranch Chinese School seeking to learn more at a faster pace. Since I was little, my parents have always put education and my Chinese as a priority above most things, thus that is why I had learned how to read and write both Chinese and English very early on before I even entered school. Due to this, I skipped Kindergarten in elementary school and skipped three grades at Chinese school. This year I am learning Chinese with my Chinese teacher, Mrs. Yang,and I am incredibly eager to continue learning this beautiful language in the future.

Teacher recommemdation:
Yiyang Liu is diligent, studious and very intelligent.She understands the materrial and provides good feedback.She can ask good questions, the homework is done well and her handwriting is neat. For a child who grew up in the United States, she loves the Chinese language and actively seeks to learn more. She is an excellent student!
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