Teachers of the Month

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Teachers of the Month

Hi, my name is Yan Hua, I am second grade Chinese teacher from 2014 to 2017 at Denver Chinese School. I am from Beijin and have been in USA since 2008. I joined the Denver Chinese School as second grade teacher on 2014. 

Thanks for the help of the principal and teachers, thank you for your encouragement and affirmation of my work.

I believe every teacher who works in Denver Chinese School, not only regards teaching Chinese as a job, but also has full love, loves these lovely children and loves Chinese culture.

I benefit from every school training. I’ll continue to try my best to keep the Chinese class more lively and entertaining, and let the children love Chinese and Chinese culture more.

As teachers, our goal is to equip our students to master life skills at a high level.

For me, I’m trying to be a qualified teacher to not only instruct but to build character in my students as well.

It’s a great honor to be announced as the teacher of the month. This is my second year teaching MaLiPing 5th grade at the DCS HR campus. Every Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed interacting with my students and filling their powerful brain with information and knowledge that will benefit them lifetime.

Through teaching my own children, I realized that learning Chinese is extremely difficult for kids who are growing up in the U.S. It requires hundreds of times of repetition. Some of us gave up during the long journey of learning. In my class, leaning with fun is the key. I use various games and activities to keep the students motivated, focused and interested in an entertained environment.

I want to give my deepest regards to each and every student who made it all the way to the 5th grade and deepest appreciation to the parents who have been supportive to our school and students.

Congratulations to Principal Chen for Winning Teacher of the Month

It is one of the greatest privileges in my life to know Zhilan. She earns my utmost respect with her righteous character. I absolutely adore her and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to know her and work with her on the honorable cause of making Denver Chinese School a community where students and families unite and thrive.

Zhilan graduated from the prestigious Wuhan University with a Ph.D in International Private Law. Zhilan is very perceptive and articulate and has a clear vision for our school. Her academic and professional background is a big plus when it comes to managing our school.

Zhilan’s charm not only comes from her intelligence and wisdom. She is very thoughtful and considerate and always put others’ best interest before hers. She is a person of greatest integrity and is always true to her words. Her devotion to giving the best to students, her efforts to take the most burden off others’ shoulders and load onto her own, and her meticulous work attitude are very touching and inspiring.

It is a blessing to have ZhiLan on our team. We congratulate her on the Teacher of the Month Award which she highly deserves.

I’m the teacher of Ma Liping Chinese 8th grade and Pinyin class at DSC HR campus. I have 7 years of experience teaching Pinyin. This is the third year for me to teach 8th grade.

With these years teaching experience, what I gained from training and work is that I need to prepare myself very well before each class and I wouldn’t just repeat what the books say. Also, I’d like to add some humorous, fun-loving elements into the interaction with my students.

For me, there exists some difference between how to treat the 12-16 years old elder kids and how to treat the 6-9 years old younger kids. Most of the elder kids have their own judgement on lots of things. Each of them has stronger distinctive personality. They have relative high Chinese level, too. I follow three key points dealing with them: understanding, respecting and guiding everyone along their natural course of development.  Although the kids in Pinyin class are younger, but they have very sensitive sense of self-respect. I ensure three key points working with them too: caring, respecting and encouraging. No matter the kids are elder or younger, my ultimate goal centers on the growth of kids’ learning ability of digesting new materials.

Confucius said, “Walking along with two others, I am certain there is my teacher among them.” I was always amazed by the kids’ shining points. They reward me with joy and enlightenment. As a teacher at Denver Chinese School, my teaching skills grow up along my students year by year.

I joined the teacher group at Denver Chinese School Highland Ranch campus this fall.

With the support from other teachers, I’m having good time teaching the Adult Chinese class.

I enjoyed communicating with my students and seeing their improvement.

It’s such a good feeling that I can help my students know more about China.

As one of Denver’s most experienced and highly respected teachers, Hui Wang has been named September’s Teacher of the Month.   A 6th grade instructor and General Secretary of the Denver Chinese School (DCS) Board, Hui holds a Master’s Degree specializing in Geographic Information Systems with over 15-years of experience at the helm of her classroom.   One of the most important instructors at DCS since 2011, Hui motivates students’ interest in Chinese study by emphasizing the “5Cs” – Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities – by encouraging students to communicate in Chinese, understand Chinese culture, bridge the cultural differences, and be active in promoting Chinese culture within our communities.

Ping Deng

I am a native of China, born in Shenyang, and came to the United States in 2007 to study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After I obtained my Ph.D. degree in pet food nutrition, I worked at the University for several years before I moved to Denver with my family in the Spring of 2017. I am currently working at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Lone Tree. I love spending with my family exploring all kinds of outdoor activities in the colorful Colorado. I am honored to teach the Ma Liping Fourth Grade in Denver Chinese School during the 2017-2018 school year. I love seeing my students enjoying learning Chinese language and Chinese culture in my classroom. This is my first time being a teacher, I have received tremendous support from Mrs. Lizhu Zhu who has dedicated her last 18 years educating many young children in the Denver Chinese School. I love to be part of the Chinese School with so many lovely kids and friendly colleagues. It’s my responsibility and passion to nurture our next generations with our own culture, and make contributions for our Chinese society in Denver.

Ruirui Dong

My name is Ruirui Dong, I was born in Hunan, China.

In 1999, I came to the US with my husband and majored computer science at Colorado Technical University. I got my master’s degree in 2003. At the same year, my daughter was taking Chinese lessons at Colorado Springs Chinese Language School, so I started teaching weekend Chinese classes at CSCLS. I was very lucky to meet so many children who are eager to learn another language. I  was happy to stay with those kids. We always played games, shared stories, sang children’s songs, made crafts, etc. We had lots of fun. I love children. From that time, teaching kids Chinese becomes one of my hobby.

I know being a teacher is much more than just executing lesson plans. It is also about taking the role of a surrogate parent. Teachers are very important role models in a child’s life. They portray an image of confidence. Accomplishment will help a child fulfill their pride needs. Teacher’s attitude is very important. It might change a person’s life, either to build it up or destroy it. It is not only about teaching knowledge, but also about leading, building or guiding those young people toward a right direction. Teachers impact an individual person’s growth. So we must keep learning. We learn things from our students, from other teachers, and from those people surrounding us. As a teacher, I feel their feelings, I think what they are thinking, I consider the problems from the children’s point of view, lead them find better solutions, and make better decisions.

Denver Chinese school is a wonderful school. In this society, there are so many great families and children. We are as close as a big family. I am very proud of myself becoming one of our school members. I will keep learning. I strive to meet and exceed expectations, and do not make our children disappointed. Let’s hold our hands, make our contributions, bring more people to our school, serve the families well, and make this community stronger and more beautiful! Thanks!