Lisa Wang

Lisa Wang

Ruoyan, Wang is four years old and her English name is Lisa. She moved from China to Denver with her parents when she was three years old as a result of her parents’ job relocation.

She is now a student at kindergarten of Highlands Ranch Campus of Denver Chinese School. She likes Chinese very much, she loves Chinese Story, children’s song, Chinese three Character Primer, etc.

She enrolled kindergarten at Denver Chinese School this year and she is especially interested in teacher Li’s lively teaching.  She focuses on her learning and studies each Chinese character seriously. She follows her teacher and actively participates in the interaction and QA.

She is younger than most of her classmates, but she has a good independence and self-discipline. Each time after the class, Mom prints all the characters in paper, and Ruoyan will spilt each one with scissors; and then stick them on the wall, continue to learn.

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