Math Contest

Math Contest

Competitive Math Classes

Denver Chinese School is an organization full of talents. Sonia Chu, Chase He, Derek Li, Rui Wen, and Vivian Zhang, the five highly accountable and accomplished high school students who have made a name for themselves in math competitions will be coaching our little math geniuses in competitive math. Two coaches will be present in each class, and a parent volunteer will be monitoring the class to ensure effectiveness.


Grade 3 – Grade 5 Curriculum is to prepare students for MathCount contests.

1/14/18 Chapter Sprint 2015
1/21/18 Algebra — Systems, Functions, Quadratics
1/28/18 Algebra — Sequences and Series
2/4/18 Geometry — Triangles and Quadrilaterals
2/11/18 Geometry — Circles and 3D
2/25/18 Counting Basics — Combinatorics, Venn Diagrams, etc.
3/4/18 Counting Strategies — Casework, PIE, Complementary
3/11/18 Counting Strategies cont. — Sticks and Stones
3/25/28 Probability Basics — Dependent/Independent, Cards, etc.
4/8/18 Probability — Expected Value
4/15/18 Number Theory Basics — Primes, Divisibility, Factors
4/22/18 Number Theory — Modular Arithmetic, Bases
5/20/18 Snow Day Make Up



Grade 1 – Grade 3 Curriculum:

1/14/18 Pretest and Logic Puzzles
1/21/18 BASICS – Multiple Digit addition/subtraction/carrying
1/28/18 BASICS – Multiple Digit multiplication/division
2/4/18 Recogizing Shapes
2/11/18 Area of Rectangle and Square/Measurements
2/25/18 Properties of Triangle
3/4/18 Properties of Angles
3/11/18 Word Problems
3/25/28 Operations with Decimals
4/8/18 Operations with Fractions
4/15/18 Basic Linear Algebra 1/Equalities+Inequalities
4/22/18 Exponents
5/20/18 Snow Day Make Up


Tuition: $100

Registration Fee: $25

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