Ranian Hanson

Yoga has been my passion for the last 28 years. With a background as a hotelier and an exposure to many parts if the world, I have been given the opportunity to teach in Switzerland, and in Cyprus before coming to the USA. I was honored to be trained under the Godfrey institute in Switzerland, and in the USA under the Kripalu school of yoga (yoga alliance). I practiced teaching in the USA privately and in the ymca organizations in Florida. I have personally taught individuals who have become so passionate about it, that has lead to them opening studios in Orlando, Florida.


My intention has never  been to deliver “perfectionism” to those whom do not know it. Not has it been to deliver any form of spirituality. Instead it is to deliver “therapy”, “self body knowledge”, flexibility, agility, and personal knowledge of this form of movement.

My personal belief that the mix of different forms of yoga from “Vinyasa”, to “kundalini” to “Anusara” yoga, to “Bikram” could all be incorporated into practice to have a more all rounded comprehension of the movements.

Yoga is a deep routed practice that can truly transform a person’s body, mind and soul.

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