Rita Wang

Rita Wang is a 13 year-old eight grader at Kent Denver School. When she was nine, she came to America. Although she had previous foundations in Mandarin, when coming to America, she stopped practicing it and learning the Mandarin language. As she grows older, she realizes the importance of mandarin and knowing another language. She decided to gain back the foundations she lost when she moved to America. So she decided to start eight grade in Chinese School. Under the guidance of her teacher, she is starting to regain some of her old foundations. Rita is very studious and tries to do things to the best of her ability. She tries to show her best Mandarin abilities in her homework and essays. In her free time, she plays the Violin and has a great passion for art. She is also starting to take an interest in Guitar. Thanks to her great teacher, Mrs. Zhang’s support, Rita is rebuilding her knowledge on Mandarin every day and she will continue to improve.

From the teacher:

Yirong Wang, student DCS eighth grade Ma Liping Chinese class. Yirong is a goal-oriented, self-motivator. She poses in-depth questions in class, works diligently on homework assignments, and excels on quizzes and exams. Yirong is always warmhearted, and respects teachers and classmates. She approaches people and study with great manners and demands herself with very high standards.

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