Ruirui Dong

My name is Ruirui Dong, I was born in Hunan, China.

In 1999, I came to the US with my husband and majored computer science at Colorado Technical University. I got my master’s degree in 2003. At the same year, my daughter was taking Chinese lessons at Colorado Springs Chinese Language School, so I started teaching weekend Chinese classes at CSCLS. I was very lucky to meet so many children who are eager to learn another language. I  was happy to stay with those kids. We always played games, shared stories, sang children’s songs, made crafts, etc. We had lots of fun. I love children. From that time, teaching kids Chinese becomes one of my hobby.

I know being a teacher is much more than just executing lesson plans. It is also about taking the role of a surrogate parent. Teachers are very important role models in a child’s life. They portray an image of confidence. Accomplishment will help a child fulfill their pride needs. Teacher’s attitude is very important. It might change a person’s life, either to build it up or destroy it. It is not only about teaching knowledge, but also about leading, building or guiding those young people toward a right direction. Teachers impact an individual person’s growth. So we must keep learning. We learn things from our students, from other teachers, and from those people surrounding us. As a teacher, I feel their feelings, I think what they are thinking, I consider the problems from the children’s point of view, lead them find better solutions, and make better decisions.

Denver Chinese school is a wonderful school. In this society, there are so many great families and children. We are as close as a big family. I am very proud of myself becoming one of our school members. I will keep learning. I strive to meet and exceed expectations, and do not make our children disappointed. Let’s hold our hands, make our contributions, bring more people to our school, serve the families well, and make this community stronger and more beautiful! Thanks!

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