Sunny Song

Denver Chinese School (DCS) Highlands Ranch Campus Ma  Liping 5th grade teacher. I graduated from University of Colorado business school with a bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Accounting. I’m a Colorado Certified Public Accountant and had over 10 years of audit experience. I often travel to China and provide trainings in Chinese on various topics regarding accounting and auditing.

I have two children who are currently attending DCS classes in Highlands Ranch Campus. Through teaching my own children, I realized that learning Chinese is extremely difficult for Children who are growing up in the United States. It requires hundreds times of repetition. Many of us gave up during the long journey of learning. In my class, I use small games involving group or individual competitions to make everyone participate and learn from each other in a entertained environment.

I admire each and every student who made it all the way to the 5th grade and greatly appreciate to the parents who have been supportive to our school and students. Let’s work together towards the same goal of seeing more and more students graduating from our school every year.

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