Structural Organization for US Company by Mr. Zhao Yan

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Structural Organization for US Company by Mr. Zhao Yan

On October 15th, 2017, Mr. Zhao, who graduated from Oregon State University and currently works at Dish Network, came in and spoke to the teacher assistants and parents about structural organization and how it works at the Denver Chinese School. The students learned a lot about how a basic organization is structured and how the many levels and structure are beneficial to a business. The students and parents were able to learn why there’s an organization, basic rules, and different structures through his talks and the informational and impactful pictures that were shown to us. Although Mr. Zhao majored in computer science rather than business and economics, he was very familiar with how a business works and how an organization is structured and was able to share a lot of useful information with the audience. He was very interactive with the students and was able to answer questions thoroughly and completely. At the end, he was able to tell us some very inspirational quotes and told us that no matter what you become, life is never easy, and that through the bad and good times, you will arrive at your destination, be it CEO, pro athlete, or even a celebrity.

We express sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Zhao for coming in and sharing very insightful knowledge with us to help us and guide us to a better future. Also, much thanks to Teacher Yan, Teacher Dong and Principal Wang for organizing such a wonderful event!


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